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Original post November 6, 2013 Another Nicki update

Original post November 6, 2013

Another Nicki update for everyone! Since this little girl gets super excited to go out, we thought it would be best to get microchipped immediately. So, on her very first well-pup visit (the day after she got here!) she got her chip. Good thing, too! This little lady is a bit of a door darter! She has stopped my heart twice! Luckily, her reaction to a loud voice is to flatten herself on the earth and not move. No worries - I wasn't yelling at her; just calling her name in fear. I'm sure she knew I was not really upset with her (I wasn't) and did what we all do: pulled over when she heard the siren!

We have been through level one obedience training - and have found more challenges. It's not that this smarty pants doesn't understand - it's that she wants a vote on the issue! I've adopted a suffragette! We will continue to patiently work on recalls, which are not debatable. She's so funny. Perfect student in class, rebellious teen at home! Always with a sweet temperament, but our Nicki simply doesn't see the need to do as asked at all times. Patience and consistency will win.

Every now and then we get tired of walking around the neighborhood, so we take to the trails. It was 60+ degrees today - in November! So we took full advantage and hit the Auburn Trail. It's one of our favourite walks outside the neighborhood. I love it because it's so darn pretty. Nicki loves it because of the one thing she loves about ALL walks: the possibility of hunting SQUIRRELS! Don't worry - I never let her get close enough for either creature to come to harm. But you should see this little gymnast! She will do an actual, mid-air flip at the end of the lead to try to get at the squirrel! She tries to climb trees! And when all else fails, she cries and barks at them. It's so cute! She must get so frustrated with me for never letting her get the squirrel.

We've had two baths fairly successfully. Blow driers, however, are instruments of the devil! A good pig's ear usually helps her feel better afterward. She has not begun sleeping in bed with us, even though she's been invited. Nicki likes her space. She knows she's welcome - and the timing is up to her. She usually sleeps in her crate with the door open. We try to keep to a schedule, and the consistency seems to be both comforting and boring to her! That makes sense, actually. We're getting to know each other more with each day, and our bond is clearly strengthening. I think we'll both be happy with this arrangement! What do you think? I'll let Nicki's face tell her side:


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