Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Original post : February 25, 2014 A long, long year. And a smile.

Original post : February 25, 2014
A long, long year. And a smile.

A year ago today, my world crashed into despair. Daisy, our almost 15 year-old Border Collie, had been suffering from a mass on her spleen that caused her to gradually decline and weaken. There was no certainty that surgery would save her. As a matter of fact, there was a 2 to 1 possibility that surgery would either do nothing to help her, or that she would never be revived from the surgical table. Those odds were not good enough for my girl. So I took her home. Gave her pain meds. Carried her up and down the stairs. Washed the sneezed blood out of my bedding. And still dreaded the time when it would all stop.

On this day, one year ago, Dr. Karen Smith of Storybook Farm Veterinary Hospital, came out to help us send our Daisy to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

We did all the right things. She was comfortable. She was in familiar surroundings. We were all with her. It didn't matter. My spirit was gone. My soul that lived in this fur child was torn apart.

Dark, dark days followed. I sank in despair. My hubby begged me to look for "another dog". There could be no other dog! How foolish! But I couldn't help but look at all those beautiful, furry faces, asking for a heart. A home.

After several months, I began to seriously think about sharing our lives with another fur kid. I knew I could never replace my spirit dog. Those happen once in a lifetime - IF you're lucky. And I'd been far more than lucky. I'd been blessed.

Mu hubby had literally begged me to please look for another dog. That's how low I'd become. I started looking. And applying. And calling. I was turned down outright or carefully discouraged at many turns.

Then, a lovely face peered at me from the New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue - Heartland pages. I called. I applied. I was accepted! And - we met.

I couldn't believe that this lovely creature was being entrusted to me! This shining, vibrant spirit!

So tonight, I do, still, cry for my lost fur kid. My heart dog. My friend. But when I do, I will be helped through it by my new fur kid. My new friend. My Nicki.

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