Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Original post : February 14, 2014 Like peeling an onion

Original post : February 14, 2014

Like peeling an onion

Peeling an onion takes time. It's a bit tricky. It can be delicate. What's underneath is much softer. And sometimes, it makes you cry.

Today Nicki went to sniff at the recycling bin, as she does. She tries to get at the yogurt containers, etc. I moved my foot between her and the bin. Not at her in the least bit, but just to block her from getting closer. She immediately dropped to the floor and turned her belly up in extreme submission.

So, I guess, he kicked her, too.

My heart broke again. She's so small. She's so overwhelmingly sweet and cute that kids yelled to us from a car window in the parking lot at Petco. "I like your dog!!" And some jackhole kicked her. Kicked her enough that she was immediately frightened again.

But then, she did that wonderful thing that she does for me: she made it all better. After I'd loved her and reassured her, I let her out on her lead to go into the yard. She stood there just gorgeous in the blinding sun against the fresh snow. And then .....

She dove into the snow and began some very enthusiastic rolling. And I laughed. This Southern Belle adores rolling in the snow. And eating the snow. And bounding through it, chest high no matter. She'd walk for hours, if her paws didn't freeze. And now that I made those boots for her, I give in to the cold before she does!

I can see deeper and deeper into the heart of this gorgeous creature. The mean man lost another round.

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