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Original post : December 26, 2013 Bed head for Boxing Day

Original post : December 26, 2013

Bed head for Boxing Day
We have been lounging in bed so we have some recovery time after all the holiday hubub. Miss Nicki fell asleep on my lap during the Dr. Who Christmas Special last night. She desperately wanted us to go to bed last night, wouldn't go without us, and wouldn't settle until I cradled her in my arms and gave non-stop belly rubs.

Our little girl has been overwhelmed by shifts and changes for almost a full week. Even the quieter days have not been our norm. For a rescue pup, that boring consistency is comforting. Knowing how your day will go; that you'll get breakfast, dinner, maybe a few treats, a walk if it's not too cold for your paws, cuddles, belly rubs, some playing .... Knowing that nobody will scream at you, hit you, starve you, or leave you at the mercy of the weather or other animals; all of that is easily shaken if it's early days.

I've referred to Nicki as our PTSD pup. Once any creature has gone through tough times, it leaves a shadow. On the good days, the shadow gets pushed far back - but it's still there. If things get to be unnerving, a little down time goes a long way. We all find comfort in consistency.

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