Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Original post : An introduction 2013

Original post : An introduction 2013

I'm a 3 - 4 year old miniature Australian Shepherd. I'm also a Rescue Dog! My Mom likes keeping my rescuers updated on my progress, and she likes telling people about me. One of my rescuers suggested that my Mom start a blog for me so she can help me tell my story and share news about my fuzzy life! Seems like the natural thing to do. After all, I *am* a star!

My beginnings are a mystery. Somebody abandoned me. I mean really - look at this face! ABANDONED ME! The story goes like this: I was kept by a man who didn't let me into the house. I was tied to a fence in his yard all the time. Eventually, his neighbors got in touch with a friend of theirs who works with New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue - Heartland A wonderful woman in Kentucky offered to come help me if the man would agree to give me up. She had his neighbors ask him if he'd let me go, and he agreed. The rescuer couldn't come to get me for a few days, so I had to wait. When she got there, she found me still tied to the fence. But something was very wrong. The house was empty, and the man was gone. He had left me tied there with no way to help myself! This wonderful lady scooped me up and took me into her home. She and her rescue friends took me to a vet to be sure I didn't need any medical help, and to make certain that there wouldn't be any additional puppies coming into the world. I'd already had puppies before! She helped me rest and heal, but I wondered what would become of me.

About this same time, my Mom was really, really sad. She had a wonderful Border Collie friend named Daisy. Daisy and Mom had a really nice life together. It was so nice, that Daisy stayed with Mom for a really long time. She became very old. Eventually, she went to Rainbow Bridge to rest and wait for Mom. Mom was so sad without Daisy, that she started applying to Border Collie rescue groups in hopes of adopting another friend. She spent many months filling out applications, making phone calls, and doing research. Only two of the rescue groups were willing to let her adopt! The others all said she couldn't adopt a Border Collie because her yard wasn't fenced! The groups that said "yes" didn't have dogs available for her. She was getting nowhere.

One day, my family-to-be went to the New York State Fair. There, they met a young lady with a miniature Australian Shepherd, and my Mom had an idea; maybe it's time to look elsewhere for another dog friend. She started looking online and found New Spirit 4 Aussies, and then she found me!

Mom filled out another application, but this time she heard back almost right away. She talked for a long time on the phone with one of the rescuers, and they decided right then and there that Mom would give me a great home! They were so right!! Mom was so grateful that somebody was willing to look beyond the fenced yard and into her heart! I'm grateful too! You should see the treats I get! Mom and Daddy really like to fuss over me and play with me. It's so nice to cuddle on the bed with them, and go for long walks with Mom. Getting rescued is AWESOME!

If anyone you know is talking about adding a dog to their family, please ask them to consider adopting a rescue dog. You could be the best thing that ever happened in some lucky dog's life - and they'll really thank you for it!

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  1. What a lovely rescue story!!! I'm so happy you and your mommy found each other and you now have a safe, loving, happy furever home!!! You are such a beautiful Aussie girl🐾❤️ Thank you for sharing your story🌟🐾😘