Saturday, May 24, 2014

Walkin' the Dog

You probably have playlists that you like when you're dog walking. Me too. I put one together specifically for that purpose. It's 33 minutes and keeps up a pretty good pace. By the time we get back from a walk to this playlist, Nicki and I both have our tongues hanging out and we're pooped! If you'd like to try our walk on for size, here's the soundtrack!

Baby Blue                              3:37    Badfinger                    Straight Up   
Leopard Skin Pill-box Hat       2:12    Beck   
Catch My Disease                  4:14    Ben Lee                       Awake Is The New Sleep   
The Black Keys - Lonely Boy    3:13    The Black Keys            El Camino       
Bohemian Like You                3:32    The Dandy Warhols    Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia   
Walking in Memphis               4:19    Marc Cohn                   Marc Cohn   
Typical                                  4:12     MuteMath                    Mute Math [Bonus Tracks]   
20th Century Boy                   3:39    T Rex                           Electric Warrior               
Jump                                    4:01     Van Halen                    1984

You can also listen to it here  Listening is so much more effective than just reading song titles. Which is why I tried to embed a player for you. Alas, Blogger apparently doesn't like embedded players. If you can actually see one on this post, and it works, I'm very happy! I can't see it!!

Keep in mind that we live in a town with LOTS of hills, so a good chunk of this is done on an incline.

If you want to take a less athletic approach to a late spring/early summer evening with your pooch, I recommend Real Estate. It makes everything seem so pleasant and happy, which of course, makes it perfect for spending time outdoors with your favourite fur people!

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